Friday, April 20, 2012

The Staircase Wit

Check out a side project I've been working on.  If you like Hyperbole and a Half then you might enjoy this.

Telling fun stories in fun ways.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Day

     One day, I'll know why the things are happening the way they are.  I'll hear how music was supposed to sound.  I'll see colors for numbers.  I'll understand the words from someone's heart.  I'll get to hug and kiss the person I fell in love with, just because I can.  I'll get to tell a new life that I love them till the day I die.  I'll get to taste words, see the product of my imagination, and hear young dreamers chant their inspirations as they move forward to their own identity.

     Sometimes you get a conviction to write - after a great conversation, a thoughtful moment during a cup of coffee or a pot of tea, after reading an amazing quote, after reading someone's blog/post/note, while listening to a certain song, etc.  And when you open up a blank page to spill your thoughts, everything seems to spill the wrong way...  or is it wrong?  I've been wanting to write a post about different issues, subjects, and/or events, and every time I opened up my page to write, I feel a stronger conviction not to.  And I think it's because I've been having several thoughts interwoven in such a way that expressing it in a word-vomit style would not be appropriate. 


     Last year one of my best friends, Jason, had a sudden collapsing of his right lung.  He had 4 operations in total and is finally out of the hospital and recovering at home.  He is graduating UCLA with a summa cum laude, got invited to the prestigious phi beta kappa honor society, he is integrated with various parts of campus clubs and activities, and many fellow bruins who know him through kcm, ccm, etc. look up to him.  When he collapsed for the second time and was in the hospital bed, it was the first time I thought, "oh man, a friend of mine is going to die."  And not just anyone, but one of two friends that I grew up with since 5th grade.  I remember celebrating his birthdays at his old house above valley view elementary school.  I remember when his sister made bomb-ass food for us.  I remember when he had yellow highlights on his bangs, and when he went through his "gangster" phase and wrote a chain necklace and heavy Rocawear jean shorts and vest.  I remember when we would go over to our other best friend, Daniel's house and play video games.  I remember his mom.

     I'm glad he's alright.  But he won't ever be the same as he was before physically.  Many of his future goals shifted.  His life is forever changed.  And through him, my life has changed.

One day, I'll know why the things happened the way they did.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who we are. We are who? Who are we?

     Do what you love, and love what you do. Maybe it should be said in reverse - Love what you do, and do what you love. Majority of the time we complain about the things and events that occur in our lives and we end up complaining about complaining itself, and complain about how we hate complaining but do it anyways. Venting is one thing, complaining is another. So many of us are stuck in between thoughts and struggles that dreaming becomes a fantasy and the pursuit becomes nothing more than a hero's journey filled with misfortunate foreshadowings.

     I complain. There's no need to lie about such a thing. I admit, I'm guilty of it. And it's so easy to go back to that state of complaining, of sulking, of feeling defeated, of not caring. I don't think we forget, we just choose to look away. Is it okay do that? Ignorance is bliss, but for how long? Can ignorance lead to happiness? What is happiness? Is happiness something we dwell in? Something we become? Somewhere we belong? Something/where we can even obtain? Is it only something to have in front of us to keep us going? What is it and who are we within it?

     Happiness.  I believe that Happiness has character. People say one must chase after Happiness to obtain it. Why can't it chase us instead? I think happiness is more than an emotion, more than a place, more than an identity. It lives and chooses its host. Some say that luck is with the well and prepared. If you're prepared for the worst, if you're capable of making healthy choices, then luck will be on your side. That makes it sound like luck is not just made by one's decisions, but Luck chooses who gets lucky or not. Maybe Happiness is the same way. Maybe if we are someone who Happiness could trust and depend on, Happiness will choose us.

     It's a given that we get obstacles to overcome. So what if the phrase, "Do what you love, and love what you do" was intended to be said, read, and told backwards - Love what you do and do what you love. There's a beauty is every thing, situation, one. Yes, there's a specific talent given to each person, but sometimes Life happens. We are given jobs that we are not suited for. We are put into situations we don't like. We are forced to take classes we don't want to be in. However, reality is.... we are in it. We have to deal with it. Maybe we have to find the love, the joy, the beauty in what we do, and THEN we're able to do what we love. Makes sense in my head. But who knows, I might be thinking this whole thing completely wrong and taking a longer route around the mountain. Or maybe I'm right and I'll arrive at the top faster to look over the horizon as the sun decides to set.

"Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be so hard, oh take me back to the start."

A little encouragement to help push through the week.

Patience and Perseverance.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kristen mutha effin' Wiig

     Bridesmaids.  Hands down one of the funniest films I've seen in the past year. I'm always satisfied coming out of a Judd Apatow produced or directed/written films.  This film was directed by Paul Feig (actor turned director; he's directed episodes of The Office and Arrested Development) and produced by the amazing Apatow crew.  Sidenote: if you haven’t seen an episode of Arrested Development, you’re missing out on life.


     If you haven't watched the film yet, and is the type of person who hates it when you hear others talking about a film that you plan on watching... then stop here and go back.  I try not to go too much in depth about any movie so that it doesn't ruin it for people that will eventually watch it, but just in case, you have been warned.

     This film is awesome.  If you love awkward humor as much as I do, then you'll understand the hilarious awesomeness of this movie.  Even if you're a manly-man, this movie will have you laughing the whole time.  It’ll definitely be placed in your top 5 every-guy-has-one chick flick list.  Don't give me that "what the gay? you have a chick flick list?" confused face.  EVERY guy has their own favorite list of chick flicks - Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Love Actually, Flashdance, Splash, When Harry Met Sally, Ghost, Pretty Woman, Titanic, Stepmom, You've Got Mail, Never Been Kissed, What Women Want, Mean Girls, The Notebook, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, etc.  I'm sure I just hit the jackpot with Mean Girls, Ghost, and/or When Harry Met Sally.  I mean, c'mon, those were some great films.  Guys, if you're ashamed of having a chick flick list, you need to MAN the hell up.  For reals.  It's just romance movies.  Romance films are the ones who taught us how to woo a girl, how to kiss, how to sweep a girl off her feet, how to plan events that seem unique, but are really just different variations of the same thing.  But don't go flaunting about how much you love chick flicks, because that just makes you weird.

     Kristen mutha effin' Wiig.  Her impression of a penis.  Brilliant.  Awkward sex scene with Jon Hamm.  Brilliant.  Sweating profusely from food poisoning.  Brilliant.  She is just- you could fill in the blank.  Anything else? oh yeah, go watch Garth and Kat skits from SNL on Hulu right now.  Also, Jon Hamm's transformation is pretty amazing.  Many see Jon as the dashing, suave sex symbol from Madmen, but it was refreshing to see him play a complete dashing,suave douchebag.

     I really would have loved to see Ellie's character shine a bit more, same with Maya's character.  The whole point was seeing the ups and downs of Kristen's character, but I thought the supporting characters could have had a little more.  But nonetheless, it was still executed very well.  I also thought it was very odd to have a Irish-American Cop as the protagonist.  He was definitely funny, but it seemed a little too random.  Was it just me?  Maybe.

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

Paul Feig - 5/5

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo - 4/5

Kristen Wiig - 5/5
Maya Rudolph - 3.5/5
Rose Byrne - 3/5
Ellie Kemper - 2/5
Melissa McCarthy - 4/5
Wendi McLendon-Covey - 3/5
Jon Hamm -  4/5
Chris O'Dowd - 3/5
Soundtrack - 4/5
Movie Poster - 3/5