Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Checkmate, Soulmate

Thank you Diigo for helping me find my social bookmarking soulmate.  You are like the E-harmony of speed dating.

A few letters here and a few clicks there and bada bing bada boom, I found my person.  Since it’s Valentine’s day, I was hoping it would be a girl… but from the looks of the user name, it seems to be a dude.  Well, I don’t know, it could be a girl.   The user name is “tho mas” as two words.  I mean, maybe, she’s a Mexican-American chick who forgot to put the accent over the “a” and wanted her user name to mean “there’s more”?  That could pass as a clever user name, right?  Do I sound too desperate to want this person to be a female?  I should stop.

Anyways, I digress.   So this person, “tho más”, had a lot of labels and tags that matched with my blog research and posts.  Since this blog is geared toward a general theme of film, cinema, and the critiques of certain critics on the topic of film, finding a social bookmarking soulmate was pretty hectic.  It wasn’t the trouble of not finding anyone, it was the complete opposite – there were just too many to choose from.  And to add to the confusion, most of the tags used by users weren’t really matching with what I had in mind.  For example, most people would mainly tag gif’s and photos, but I’m looking for articles and blogs with analytical opinions.  I would rather have someone paint apicture for me with their words rather than to describe what I’m seeing.

Fromdelicious, Film, Cannes, Pulp, Popculture, STARWARS, Music, and Philosophy were some of the top tags…  I really hope this person is a girl.

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